Our Products Category

There are lots of products under four categories


Military Training Models

Like working models of bridges, weapons, etc.


Simulators Training Models

Weapon effect simulators etc.


Optical Instruments

Like Night Vision Binoculars, etc.


Miscellaneous Products & Services

Miscellaneous items, etc.


Tailor Made Solutions

We can sit across and design rooms as per your requirement.

Mock Up Rooms

A mockup is a prototype if it provides at least part of the functionality of a system and enables testing of a design.

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Dedicated Terrain

No need for Defence of Duffer's Drift....teach all ops of wars on dedicated mock up terrain models inside rooms, including Fighting in Built up Area and various terrains

VR Based Training Solutions

VR Based Training Solutions

Virtual Reality training can help the soldiers to learn the concept in a realistic manner. The highly realistic fire scenario simulations make the learners experience the real fire environment in the virtual world.

Dedicated Terrain

Operation Rooms

complete with precise 3D terrain model developed from satellite imagery, charts and enemy equipment models.

Few Words
About Us

Purple heart stands for Loyalty, Courage, and Sacrifice. For the Bravehearts. We are a team of veterans sweated and bled together. We offer solutions to your needs. Sweat saves blood, hence we start with our solutions for smart training. By way of working models and simulation. We offer solutions for mock-up rooms, operation rooms, dedicated terrain & adversary visualization rooms, and VR based training solutions.

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